More R. Kelly Drama

The R. Kelly saga continues, with the filing of a complaint in New York Supreme Court, New York County, by R. Kelly's "tour director" alleging breach of contract arising out of defendant's alleged failure to pay for Plaintiff's services. Plaintiff seeks damages of $75,000.

[Trevanna Entertainment LLC v. Rowe Entertainment Inc.; filed, 2/29/2008; No. 08-103180]

"Your Honor, I was Trapped in the Closet"

R. Kelley is being sued by a Nevada-based promoter for allegedly failing to appear at a scheduled performance.
[Plaintiff] claims that Kelly agreed to hit the stage on December 6, 2007
at the Target Center alongside Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo. Allegedly, Kelly
failed to show but still took a $120,000 fee for it.

Ne-Yo You Didn't!

Ne-Yo, who was cut from R. Kelly's tour, filed suit in Los Angeles on Dec. 31 against Rowe Entertainment for alleged breach of contract. According to Entertainment Weekly ("Monitor", Issue #974 - Jan. 18, 2008), Ne-Yo claims he was "fired for getting too much attention".

A simple Google search for "Rowe Entertainment" indicates that the defendant is no stranger to litigation.

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