Aerosmith Singer Sues Bloggers

More blogger news this week:

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Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler sued unknown bloggers who allegedly impersonated him on the internet, writing about "intimate details" of his life. The suit accuses the bloggers of public disclosure of private facts, making false statements and misappropriation of likeness. It also seeks an injunction to have the defendants stop impersonating him online or elsewhere.

Vacating DMX Order Where Improper Service

A $1.5mil judgment against DMX was vacated by a Maryland state court judge after finding that the rapper was not properly served process.

His lawyer argued that the defamation-claim plaintiff did not properly serve DMX with the lawsuit papers and was unaware of the case against him.

Any readers from Maryland, please feel free to drop a line on the service requirements under state law. In New York, service of process is governed by CPLR Article 3. For example, for service upon an individual, see CPLR 308. Also, under New York law and objection that the summons and complaint were not properly served is waived if, having raised such objection in a pleading, the objecting party does not moved for judgment on that ground within sixty days after serving the pleading. CPLR 3211(e).

There's Something About Remy - Which Might Cost Her Millions!

Violence in the world of hip-hop made its way to the Federal District Court, Southern District of New York with the filing of a $20 million lawsuit against Bronx-NY artist Remy Ma (and various other parties, including her label Universal). The suit alleges that defendants aided and abetted a violent promotion of the artist, leading to a violent attack (including a gun shot wound) to the plaintiff. Thereafter, defendants allegedly defamed plaintiff by accusing her of committing a crime leading to the violent/shooting incident.

Background information on the shooting-incident is available here (Wiki) and here (MTV).

The suit is mysteriously absent from Remy Ma's MySpace page - though, you can shoot her an e-mail and book her for an up-coming Bar Mitzvah...

[Makeda Barnes-Joseph v. Remy Smith pka Remy Ma; Remy K Smith pka Remy Martin; Remynisce Music Inc.; New Era Entertainment Inc.; Joseph Sherman aka Joseph Sherman; Jennifer Turner; Sure Shot Recordings Inc. aka Sure Shot Records; Chris Landry; Reach Global Inc.; Michael Closter; Street Records Corp. aka SRC; Steve Rifkind; Universal Music Group Inc.; Universal Music Investments Inc.; Universal Music Group Distribution Corp.; Douglas Morris; Universal Music Canada; Padell Nadell Fine & Wienberger LLP; Pop 3 LLC dba Pizza Bar; The Pizza Bar Inc.; Sasha Tcherekoff; Does 1-3. Filed 12/21/2007; case CV-11464 .]