Climbing Up on Salisbury Division (eh, Solsbury Hill)...

Maybe it's because OTCS is still a rookie covering the beat, but it sure seems like there are a lot of copyright suits against pubs/bars/taverns/places of business for public entertainment for infringement of the public performance right.

Again, the publishers are just upset that the Defendants haven't obtained an ASCAP license. (Compl. 15(a)-(b) "Defendants have not sought or obtained a license agreement from Plaintiffs of [ASCA]...Despite numerous letters and other contacts by ASCAP representatives informing the Defendants of their liability...") Scaring them with statutory damages should do the trick (17 U.S.C. 504(c)).

Mark another one on the docket, WB Music et al. v. K Carlson Enterprises, Inc. and Karen Reeder Carlson, 1:07-cv-00797-WO-PTS (Mid.Dist. N.C.). Looks to be rather cookie-cutter, with an attached spreadsheet outlining each Plaintiff's copyrighted work (e.g., who owns, registration no.), which performance/version was infringed, and the date of such infringement.